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Zed Synth


Zed Synth is a totally original hybrid synthesizer & effect for iPhone and iPad.

The first app ever to be featured by Jordan Rudess!! Video here.

- Wave-Shaping oscillators: inspired by 1950s vacuum-tube technology, 4 parameters allow you to create a vast array of oscillator shapes which can then be modulated in real-time.

- Physical Modelling: a sophisticated resonator  can be either struck by a mallet or excited by the synth section (including noise) with different forms of interaction to simulate blown, bowed or struck models.

- Unique String Resonance effect: the Zed Synth can process external audio via Audiobus and pass it through its string model. This unique effect can turn unpitched sounds, such as beats, into pitched chords & melodies, akin to what you could do with a vocoder, only more responsively and with a much richer timbre. Using this approach, Zed Synth can radically transform the sound of any other Audiobus-compatible synth on IOS.

- A unique “Spring Box” effect capable of emulating the full 88-string sympathetic resonance of a piano soundboard, or simulating the body resonance of a musical instrument.

- Oscilloscopes throughout the user interface provide clear visual feedback and ease of use.

- Powerful Modulation system makes it incredibly easy to add modulations from a variety of sources to any of the synth’s parameters.

- The Granulator: a different take on the ubiquitous arpeggiator, the granulator can periodically, or randomly, retrigger the sound, its envelopes or LFOs, and also vary the pitch. This makes it possible to create rhythmic chorded sounds with a human feel to them, or completely chaotic sounds like gentle rain on a windscreen.

- Synth Overview displays the signal path and routing of the various modules, as well as making it easy to jump around sections when editing, especially on small-screen devices.

- Built-in Help system throughout the app to explain each of the modules and all the parameters.

- Effects to further enhance the sound, including a stereo expander to enrich the spatial complexity of the signal.

- iPhone support: Zed Synth has been specially developed to run on iPhone as well as iPad as the latest models are as powerful as laptops were a few years ago.

- Patch Sharing: Zed synth makes it easy to share patches with friends via e-mail.

- MIDI Learn mode so you can quickly map your controller’s knobs to the synth’s parameters.

- Audiobus (incl. presets), Inter-App Audio and Core MIDI (incl. over WiFi).

- 4x Oversampling, on by default, this greatly increases the quality of the sound and reduces alising at high frequencies. It can be disabled however to reduce CPU utilisation.

Headphones (or speakers), an external controller keyboard and a sustain pedal are highly recommended to get the most out of Zed Synth.


User Manual & Screen Shots.


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