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Many thanks to all who have posted reviews on the app: it is super encouraging that they are all 5-star - I’m glad folk are really getting to grips with what this app does as it is so unique.

★★★★★ Outstanding for Blofeld controlN2347s by 

Outstanding for Blofeld control. iPad connected via usb and keyboard via midi. Fantastic patch generation capability from full control to random.

★★★★★ Amazing by Randallisgone

I'm not big on reviews, but this app deserves it. I use it for my Prophet 12, and it is not only great for simplifying modification/creation of patches, but the idea that it can create a new patch on the fly by morphing other patches (multiple) into something new, with the qualities of each, totally blows my mind. Amazing work!

 ★★★★★ yessssssss by Beef'nbones

I have a moog voyager Xl and this makes for incredible patch creation tool very impressed so far.

★★★★★ Reuven Melamed by Melamed77

Very creative and inspiring App. Paraphonic mode for Voyager is unique feature, opens up a lot of new playing styles.


★★★★★ Excelente !!! Vale cada centavo... by Carolei

Tenho um King Korg, equipamento muito legal, mas muito chato na hora de criar timbres.Esse aplicativo realmente me ajudou muito e facilitou minha vida na hora de criar e selecionar timbres.Dica importante: Você pode utilizá-lo também com uma conexão MIDI WIFI, roteando o sinal entre o iPad e o seu equipamento através de algum software como o MidiOX no windows.No meu caso, eu uso a conexão USB para o computador, e a MIDI para outro sintetizador, o que não me deixa portas para usá-lo com o iPad.Fiz o teste e via MIDI Wifi funcionou perfeito!...Vale cada centavo!


★★★★★ Amazing by Jade 2008

Thanks to create a so amazing appIt's a new live for my synths !!!


★★★★★ Excellent! by 2Egress

Needed an editor for my Prophet 8 as there was a real lack of quality in the one I found online. Discovered this at Downloaded and paid for the licence for my synth. ($14.99).It's fantastic! Morphing is like a breath of fresh air! Thank you!


★★★★★ Works perfectly on iPad Air and Camera kit. by H4ndcrafted

Using the Apple lightning to USB camera kit. No issues at all, bought it as an Editor for my Blokeys rather than its morphing, which is just a bonus for me.Great for saving patches, would like the ability to sort them into groups if possible. I just save and send to Blofeld and dump them from there for now.Found it to be very realise software congrats developer! 5 stars.


★★★★★ Well Concieved by Mark Walker Jr

The Prophet 12 is already very user friendly and tweakable, but I found this app adds another great level of creativity on top. I recommend it and hope the supported hardware list continues to grow. Nord Stage and Elektron A4 would both be welcome additions.


★★★★★ Genius App by 1dionysus

The person who made this is absolutely brilliant. I have a Waldorf Blofeld and this app is like a 2nd brain for this synth. This is the best editor, librarian, patch maker I've seen for the iPad to work with select synths. It's also great for performance as well, and so far works flawlessly with the filters, oscillators on my Blofeld. The patch names even show up on the Blofeld and are sent via USB from the iPad. It's also great to see that the developer continues to improve an enhance this app, and additionally adds synth compatibility in the event I increase my hardware collection..and I will. For something that looks complex, this app is quite easy to use, and is just logically arranged. I always loved my Blofeld synth, but now it's like a sonic demon has been released with this app. I'm in awe! I also like that patchmorpher can store my patches instead of slowing down or even connecting my computer. It's completely worth it to pay for the license for connectivity to your hardware synth. Most definitely, PatchMorpher is one of my best app purchases. I truly believe Waldorf should hire this man to work directly for them -immediately, This is what the blofeld has been missing, I'm sure other synths have as well. the developer even includes wonderful patches worth the price of admission alone. Thank you to the developer!


★★★★★ A Match Morphed In Heaven by Ghost Circuitry

Patch Morpher and Ghost Circuitry's music go hand in hand! The thing that inspires me most in sound design is surprise! I want a synth to do things that falls outside my logic, knowledge, and habits. Patch Morpher is like having a new synth every day!


★★★★★ A must have by Bumathan

A must have. I'm using it with a Prophet 12. The best way to create new patches in no time. Randomize, tweak and edit. Every function is easily accessible. 5 stars app, bravo !


★★★★★ Brilliant, fun and useful! by phil grossblatt

What a great app. I'm using it with the Blofeld. Even without any of the morphing features, this is an excellent editor. Instead of trying to cram too many parameters on a screen, you simply scroll up and down to reach different sections, or click buttons on the side of the screen to jump right to a specific part of the synth. The morphing part is really well thought out, with complete control. You decide which parameters can change and which will stay constant. If you have one of the supported synths, buying the license for it is well worth the asking price.


★★★★★ Easy, fun and inspirational by SCB62

The best way to create new and inspiring patches for your synths. I have the DSI Mopho and have been using this app with my iPad4 without any issues. A fast, fun, unique and easy way to create patches that would otherwise be difficult and time consuming to come up with.


★★★★★ Innovative, amazing, awesome. by 2Junxion

I'd give it 6 stars if it would let me.Such a fresh approach to sound design.Well thought off features, nice designs.Truly an amazing app.


★★★★★ Ferramenta incrível!! by IgorCr

Nunca imaginei que com um iPad teria acesso a uma ferramenta incrível como essa. Com toda certeza este App passou a fazer parte da minha rotina... simplesmente conecto o meu Prophet 08 e me divirto.A implementação da mesclagem de sons é muito bem feita e o programa realmente entrega o que promete. A edição dos sons com o aplicativo também funciona sem problema algum e torna algumas coisas bem mais rápidas do que usando o instrumento... é o fim dos sub-menus e displays!!Tudo foi tão bem pensado que acho que inclui praticamente tudo o que se esperava. Além de toda a implementação de mesclagem/mistura de sons, o Patch Morpher inclui ainda uma biblioteca para armazenar sons e também "cenas", que nada mais são do que vários sons na tela, prontos para 'morphing'.Não poderia estar mais satisfeito! Vale cada centavo pago!!!!


★★★★★ Amazing must have if u have any of the keyboards it works on!!!! by beatportshawn

Amazing must have if u have any of the keyboards it works on!!!!


★★★★★ Excellent by James Morden

This app has transformed my use of the Korg KingKorg, as it is so easy to use and quick to get great results. This really should be THE tool to use for editing hardware synths.


★★★★★ Great app by Akos Janca

Great idea, intuitive and easy-to-use GUI. Works well with Korg's new KingKorg synth. Recommended.


★★★★★ Top by KingKorg

Amazing Tool ... Works Perfect with King Korg,


★★★★★ The Application I was looking for, but better! by El Rogn

If you are lucky enough to have one of the compatible hardware synths, this App will allow you to edit your patches on your iPad and, icing on the cake, will generate new patches for you by morphing sound parameters. You start by choosing some sounds you like and the App will interpolate in between sounds for you! On some synths like the Kingkorg you will also gain direct access to some hidden parameters. This is really a must buy for any lucky owner of one of these synthesizer!Two thumbs up!


★★★★★ Very usable sounds by FlameTop

I'm using this with a Prophet 12. The app is stable, easy to use and full featured. The biggest plus is that the patches it produces are very usable. There are plenty of settings to experiment with. It includes some random generation. Also included is a simple but effective patch editor to tweak any generated patches.The demo mode includes some preset scenes to allow you to evaluate its performance before purchasing the relevant support for your synth. Well worth the purchase cost.


★★★★★ Useful by taejix



★★★★★ Incredible App! by Bemtec

I never dreamed about such an app because I thought it's impossible to do this. I use it with my Prophet 08 and it works perfect. I made in the first days of use a lot of new patches for me. Start with importing patches from your Synth, then morph what you want and adjust it on the synth slightly to the target you want to reach!


★★★★★ All I need by TooMuchTo

All I need to do is buy a synth. Seriously this MAKES me want to buy one. Watch the demo video, and see if you agree.


★★★★★ A Treasure Trove for Sound Designer by phonomenal

Congratulations! An excellent app for sound exploration and design for a careful selection of hardware synths. Very intuitive and powerful. It interpolates synth parameters from any number of chosen presets without any delay. This allows to quickly explore the given parameter space and to quickly discover exciting new presets on the synth. This app is a sound designer's dream as it makes the search process much faster and much more straight forward. Incredible idea and implementation. The number of supported synths will certainly expand. Wink, wink.






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