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Free patch-generating scenes for your synthesizer: browse to this page on your iPad and click on the links below to open in Patch Morpher. These scene typically contain 20 to 36 patches, try them out first, then have a go mixing your own!

Note: These files are free to download but you will need the corresponding synth license to use them in Patch Morpher.

Prophet 12

Arp Fest DSI’s latest OS includes a couple of nice new features: filters on the delay lines & a step sequencer! So here’s a scene that makes good use of the new arpeggiator/sequencer.

Exacerbate This scene demos the power of the new “Polarise” function to generate sounds far out of the normal parameter regions.

Tone Generator A simple scene to generate new random tones.

Keys Basic organs, e-pianos, clavs etc.

Poly Synths The title says it all!

Pulsars Pulsing sounds, making good use of the LFOs to modulate the oscillator wave form.

Ani Motions Generate animated sounds with lots of LFO modulation & arpeggios.

Keys & Pads Generate stacked or split-keyboard combinations of keys & pads - or anything else in between!

News Ideas A collection of interesting sounds.

King Korg

Analog Synths



Super Medey & Super Medley 2: each of these scenes contains over 15 original patches created with Patch Morpher and really show off what the King Korg is capable of. Try the sounds out, then create as many variations and new sounds as you like!

Synths & Splits: cool keyboard & synth sounds.

Rhythmic Evolvers: I was interested in creating patches with a strong rhythmic content and an evolving tone (to recreate those atmopheric lab scenes in CSI :O) This scene contains over 30 patches, splits, pads, etc and the capacity to create many more.

Moog Voyager

Creating new patches for the Moog voyager has never been so easy, but Patch Morpher has a unique trick up its sleeve: it can turn your Voyager into a paraphonic synth allowing you to play up to 3-note chords!! Each oscillator is dynamically tuned to the right note as you play. All oscillators share the same filter & amplifier sections but you can choose whether to the re-trigger the envelopes on each key press. There's also an option to give the bass note priority so it doesn't accidentally drop out if you play more complex passages. Try it out!


(Note: paraphony only works if the span from the lowest note to the last note played is under 2.5 octaves approximately) - using 8 foot oscillators works best.

Waldorf Blofeld

Working with the blofeld has been very rewarding, it has a gutsy sound with lots of modulation options, and of course the wave-table oscillators with all the original tables from the PPG Wave & the Micro Waves. Lots of sounds & scenes for you to try out & play with - and remember, with each of these scenes you can creating 1000s of your own patches.

Florida Keys 'n Pad.scene a rich combination of keys & pads.

Key Works.scene essential keys - clavs, pianos & organs.

Atmosferix.scene evolving pads & drones.

The Leaders.scene a collection of leads, often monophonic, both searing & sweet.

Key Master.scene a second collection of key-type patches.

Evolvers.scene sound that move & change, typically with heavy LFO modulations to the wave-tables.

Paddy Atmos.scene Atmospheric pads, also with typical wave-table scanning LFOs.

Great Pad.scene A collection of pads.

Synth Magic.scene Lots of rich synth sounds of all sorts.

Hit This!.scene Percussive sounds, drums, toms etc. Quite noisy!

Bass Below.scene Powerful basses to fill the bottom-end of your tracks.

Favourites.scene A collection of random favourite patches - don’t ask, just try them.

Waldorf Pulse 2

The new Pulse 2 more than lives up to its predecessor. Beyond the fantastic monophonic bass & lead sounds it can create, the paraphonic oscillator modes allow you to create interesting pads & keys - quite a treat! Try the demos below:

Arpies.scene A collection of arpeggiated sounds.

Master Keys.scene Keys you can play, many are monophonic but you can forst the tone generator to only use the 4- & 8-voice polyphonic oscillators and have a lot of fun!

Bass Maker.scene I don’t think a collectino of patches for the Pulse 2 could be complete without some signature bass sounds!

Atmosferix.scene 2 And latly, just because it can play polyphonic pads, here’s a series of atmospheric & ambient sounds.

Access Virus TI

Virus users know that this synth is capable of anything - it’s quite tricky to program, with so many filter & modulation options, and that fantastic 5th ADSR parameter: the sustain slope. So I’ve had a fun time with Patch Morpher creating a rich collection of patches to get you started:

Atmospherix 2.scene Atmospheric pads & ambient sounds.

Wavetables.scene Typical wave-table scanning sounds.

Key Master 2.scene Lots of keys: Rhodes, Pianos, Organs - and mix your own.

Arpygator.scene Fun with arpeggiators.

Cover the Basses.scene This should ensure you have the basses covered.

Leaders II.scene From gentle to searing lead sounds.

Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1

The Shruthi is a fantastic sound little mono-synth, and definitely a master stroke to keep up your sleeve if you want something to sound really gutsy & different. It takes seconds in Patch Morpher to create new sounds for it, and they’re all pretty much usable, but here’s a little collection I made just for fun:

All New Shuthi.scene A collection of fun new sounds for this 8-bit analog-filtered mini Pandora’s box!

DSI Mopho

Similarly to the Shruthi-1, making new sounds for the Mopho with Patch Morpher is a doddle - but here I put a little more care into creating some sequencer tracks, using the editor’s new step-record function:

Sequences.scene A collection of sounds taking advantage of the Mopho 4-track sequencer - it’s quite fun to splice these together too!

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