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Just as an artist mixes paints to create new colours, Patch Morpher allows you to mix the patches from your synthesiser to create inspiring new sounds.

  • A full patch editor: use your iPad’s touch-screen to quickly access all your synth’s parameters.
  • A librarian: store all your patches on your iPad, organise them in scenes you can use for live performance to quickly switch between sounds.
  • Create new & original sounds really easily & quickly:
    • Start from your favourite presets.
    • Morph from one patch to another, or enable random mutations.
    • Control hundreds of parameters as you move your finger on the screen.
    • Play your synth and listen to the changes in real-time as the sound evolves!

Patch Morpher v2 is compatible with the following synths:

  • DSI Prophet 08
  • DSI Prophet 12 - including the 32-note sequencer & delay filters.
  • DSI Mopho
  • KORG King Korg
  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1
  • Moog Voyager
  • Waldorf Blofeld
  • Waldorf Pulse 2
  • Access Virus TI

Patch Morpher will totally change how you create sounds for your  synthesiser: be inspired and have fun making music!

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The musical soundtrack at the end of this video was created live, using Patch Morpher to continuously evolve the sounds of the Prophet 12.

Special Notice for the Prophet 12


Hands-on Inspiration

Modern synthesisers are fantastically powerful machines with 100s of parameters & complex options - but creating new sounds can be a painstaking & time-consuming process.

Synth Patch Morpher allows you to create 100s of usable new sounds in minutes. Simply use your favourite patches & presets as starting points, then morph between sounds or enable random variations. You can instantly play the new patches on your synthesizer, even whilst the sound is evolving in real-time!


Screenshot of a scene with independent control of both layers of a Prophet 12.

A Few Simple Steps

Synth Patch Morpher is easy to use, you'll be up & running in seconds.

1- Upload your favourite patches

Synth Patch Morpher allows you to upload your favourite patches into live "Scenes". You can then save these scenes on your iPad and even use them in a live performance to quickly switch between sounds.

2- Create!

Simply move your finger around the screen to change the sound: your iPad will combine the nearest patches to create new sounds - this all happens in real-time so you can even play your keyboard as the sounds evolve!

3- Control & Refinement for Advanced Users

A full patch editor is included if you want to make further tweaks yourself, or even if you simply want to find out just what's going on.


The editor makes great use of the iPad's touch screen and allows you to see many parameters at a glance.

Advanced Features for Pros: Patch Morpher is intimately aware of all your synthesiser's controls and what they do. You can choose which parameters the morphing engine is allowed to tweak: Envelopes, Timbre, LFOs, Effects etc. Advanced settings allow you to only use analog wave-forms, or purely digital waves & samples. These in-depth options give you a lot of control and help ensure you create usable patches as opposed to random noise. Everything has been designed to be as intuitive as possible and a full User Manual is available for more detailed information.

I'm passionate about synths, music & technology, which is why I built PatchMorpher:

it's easy & fun to use, and I've been able to create hundreds of interesting sounds for these synths.

I hope you have fun too!

If you like it, then please do support this app: write a nice review or send me feedback. And if you can afford it, the in-app purchases are priced at less than 1% of the value of the synths, and I think the app easily adds that in usefulness. It's also absurdly cheap compared to anything remotely like it on PC or Mac. I'd really like to be able to continue developing this further - I still have tons of novel ideas to implement! Thank you :o)

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