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Work in progress

I've added the Mopho today, it was very quick as so similar to the Prophet 08 - but need to do some more testing.

I also want to add a feature based on user feedback: programming the P08 (& Mopho) sequencer tracks by playing notes on the keyboard.

The Waldorf Blofeld will be next as soon as eBay delivers, that's a great machine so I shoud get some good results.

There's been quite a bit of demand for the DSI Evolver, but I've unfortunately not been able to find a second hand Evolver at a decent price yet.

I'm also prototyping a "Patch Wizard" where you tell Patch Morpher what sorts of sounds you want to generate, a sort of "Meta Editor". It's tricky as you quickly get into an explosion of options so it might need some creative GUI work to make it succinctly presentable.

And the next big idea? Add a soft synth to Patch Morpher. But it has to be something totally different from the 101 vritual analogues out there :o)

If you have any ideas, then do ping me an e-mail on the support page!

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