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Version 2 launched!

Finally, after a busy three months, version 2 of Patch Morpher is ready for download.

V2 adds four new synthesisers, bringing the total supported to nine:

- Waldorf Blofeld

- Waldorf Pulse 2

- Access Virus TI

- Dave Smith Mopho

There’s also a ton of new features so a worthwhile upgrade for existing users:

- Independently morph each parameter group: pitch, tone, filters, envelopes, effects etc.

- Couple this with the “Nearest” source and you can splice together sections of your source patches.

- Randomise only the parameters you want to change, or the entire patch.

- Auto-layout & lock your patches, makes your scenes more manageable.

- Support for Virus TI OS 5, and the latest Prophet 12 OS, including the new sequencer & filters on the delay lines.

- Enhancements to the editor: simply play the keyboard to enter sequences on the DSI synths.

- Sharper graphics to match your synth, and enhanced performance.

And tons of new sounds for you to download if you’ve licensed the app.

Check out the new video for more information:

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