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Featured by Jordan Rudess!!

Great news! Jordan has very kindly featured an explorative demo of the Zed Synth on his web-site!!

See what he has to say here.

And here’s the video:

Uploaded on 1 Feb 2015

Exploring a BETA version of ZED a week before its release! This is a very powerful synthesizer based on some traditional ideas as well as modeling. It not only plays sounds by itself but it also takes audio in and has some fascinating sonic results check it out here: Zed Synth by Richard Meyer

Zed Synth goes live today!!

At last! The app has finally arrived on the app-store - such a lot of work and it’s finally there! Hope you enjoy it!

The new user interface looks a lot cleaner too :D

Zed Synth Submitted!!

At long last, after a huge amount of work, Zed Synth has been submitted to Apple - yippee! Now starts the long wait, but at least I can relax for a couple of day, then I’ll start work on demo videos. I had fun this evening creating some vocoder/talkbox type effects.

Fingers crossed!

Oh, and the GUI scheme has changed completely following a long conversation with Jordan Rudess - it looks very much cleaner now.

Zed Synth - nearly there!

Great fun video demo by Doug at the Sound Test Room yesterday:

The app is nearly ready for submission, just need to add some more factory presets and iron out a couple of wrinkles but it’s sounding good. 

I’m actually really impressed by some of the presets coming in, in particular from producer Stuart Kilbride of Red Sky Lullaby (you can hear his tracks here

Demo video & sound samples next!

Zed Synth - gearing up for release!

So after a good six months in development, the Zed Synth is gearing up for release.

I’m really excited about this, I’ve put tons of original & different ideas into this synth, both from my experience playing lots of other keyboards, and understanding of virtual analog & physical modelling.

It has some truly unique features, such as the ability to process external audio and turn unpitched sounds into pitched sounds. Or the sympathetic string resonance effect which is capable of simulating an 88-note grand piano on the more recent IOS devices (with more CPU!).

Currently in Beta-Testing. Will submit to Apple shortly.

Full Audiobus, Inter-App Audio & Core MIDI supported of course.

And it runs on both iPhones & iPads.

Version 2 launched!

Finally, after a busy three months, version 2 of Patch Morpher is ready for download.

V2 adds four new synthesisers, bringing the total supported to nine:

- Waldorf Blofeld

- Waldorf Pulse 2

- Access Virus TI

- Dave Smith Mopho

There’s also a ton of new features so a worthwhile upgrade for existing users:

- Independently morph each parameter group: pitch, tone, filters, envelopes, effects etc.

- Couple this with the “Nearest” source and you can splice together sections of your source patches.

- Randomise only the parameters you want to change, or the entire patch.

- Auto-layout & lock your patches, makes your scenes more manageable.

- Support for Virus TI OS 5, and the latest Prophet 12 OS, including the new sequencer & filters on the delay lines.

- Enhancements to the editor: simply play the keyboard to enter sequences on the DSI synths.

- Sharper graphics to match your synth, and enhanced performance.

And tons of new sounds for you to download if you’ve licensed the app.

Check out the new video for more information:

Version 2 submitted to Apple for review

After much testing, I’ve finally submitted version 2.2 to Apple - so hopefully it will be out in the next couple of weeks.

I’ve also updated this stie with all the info you need for the new version:

- Updates to the user manual explaining the new features.

LOTS of patches you can download for free (one you’ve bought the appropriate synth license) for the various synths.

Next step is to get the promo video done.

Thanks for hanging in there - it should soon be out!!

Gearing up to release version 2.0

Lots of new features coming!

New synths supported: DSI Mopho, Waldorf Blofeld and Pulse 2, and the Access Virus TI.

Tons of user interface improvements and a new patch creation mode that gives you a lot more control - so existing users get some cool goodies too.

And I’ve built a ton of new patches & sounds that I’ll post on this web-site.

Just need to make a new video now (and document all the new stuff!! :O)

Waldorf Pulse 2 done - now onto the Access Virus TI!

After the Blofeld, the Pulse is now sorted. Both are awesome - the pulse actually provides a huge gamut of sound for what is in theory a monophonic synthesiser!

Lots of improvements to the app too, including a new randomiser & individual morphing of each group of parameters.

Next I’m moving onto the Access Virus TI.

Waldorf here we come!

- The Blofeld is now pretty much done - I'm really pleased with the results: it's a very rich synth and Patch Morpher can make fantastic sounds with it. The wavetables are particularly good for evolving pads & ambient type sounds, but I've built scenes for keys & bass and they sound excellent too!

- Some improvements to the GUI too including a couple of ways of automatically laying out your patches in a scene so it's clean & legible.

- New morph mode: 'Extrapolate' makes your patch more different than the other patches around it.

A user in the UK made my day with an excellent 5-star review for Patch Morpher on the Prophet 12 - much appreciated!

Waldorf Pulse next!

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